Hello and welcome too my new blog where I'll share with you my Yarn Journey.
I've been a knitter since the age of 8yrs old, I worked as a Professional knitter making Aran Jumpers for Japanese Tourist for a Giftware shop in a Winery in NSW not far from where we living at the time with 2 small children.
Each winter of course my kids had new jumpers, we moved from Sydney too Port Macquarie on the NSW mid north coast Xmas 1990. I knitted on and off but we found the winters not as cold as in Sydney and the kids were older and preferred too wear Track tops, early 1997 I was introduced too Patchwork, a craft that I've loved for many years but was happy knitting.
we moved too the Gold Coast late 2001, my obsession with patchwork grew and the needles were packed away.
over the last 2-3 winters I've really felt like knitting again and it wasn't till this winter I decided too take a step back with my patchwork and pick up the needles again, I've been on Instagram for awhile and then I found Podcast, knitting podcast which I was listening too late at night after work while stitching, well it wasn't long and I soon discovered Hand Dyed Yarns, so the yarn journey began, I re-joined Ravelry stocked up my yarn stash and the knitting hasn't stopped..

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Experimenting with Hand Dyed Yarn.

Today I decided too experiment with hand dying some yarn, I had 2 X 50gram 4ply machine wash in White in my stash, I thought it wouldn't matter if it didn't work out, I've been watching YouTube on the methods used, I decided too go with the stove top steam method with white vinegar and Food Colouring. I had limited colours in my pantry, Blue, Green, Pink and Black, I also used Coffee Essence on the second skein, I re wound the ball onto my swift winder into a skein. I diluted the colours in small cups of water and off I went.
The lighter one on the left was the first one, I love the pastel colours that's what I was hoping, the darker one I used the coffee essence and put more colour on to make it darker, I think these will go nice into a Shawl or Cowl. I've also had some finishes over the last month. My Boreal  Forest 2 colour Cowl by Renee of East London Knits, week 2 of the Knitvent by HelenStewart of Curioushandmde on Ravelry.
I really enjoyed knitting this design, I found the 7stitch count easy too remember, if you didn't participate in the Knitvent I think the pattern will be released on Ravelry after the new year.
Another present for the new Baby, still waiting on His Arrival.
Silver Birch Socks are off the needles, I used a Gradient Uarn by Gumblossoms Yarns in Brisbane, they are too take overseas.
Hope your knitting projects are coming along, our weather here is warming up so that the heavier yarns are getting a bit warm too knit on our laps, I've picked up my 4ply Cardigan that I started some months ago, another pattern that needs my full concentration.
I've joined the many knitters around the world and have been watching re runs of the Gilmore Girls!. I never really got into them all those years ago, needles too say I am now. lol.
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Knitting

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